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What is Hurricane Impact?

Hurricane Impact is an organization supporting the brand development of student-athletes attending the University of Tulsa through partnerships with various charitable organizations, as well as through unique event-based networking opportunities, which are exclusive to our donors. Hurricane Impact is the premier NIL group for individual donors and supporters of University of Tulsa athletics.

What does NIL mean?

NIL stands for "Name, Image, and Likeness". The NCAA now allows for college athletes to use their platform to monetize and promote their own individual brand. The following Washington Post article provides a nice overview of what NIL is all about:

Who started Hurricane Impact?

The program is volunteer-led and was founded by our three members of the Board of Directors and our Executive Director; each of whom is an alumnus of the University of Tulsa.  Initial seed money was provided by each of these individuals to start the organization. 

What athletes are being supported?

Hurricane Impact vision is to support athletes at the University of Tulsa who compete in the university’s varsity athletic programs.

How do you decide on the allocation of funds?

The members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director collectively determine the allocation of program funds; however, donors may suggest that a donation be (1) allocated to a specific charitable organization directly, (2) allocated to support certain athletes performing charitable services who are affiliated with a particular sport, group of sports, or (3) allocated to Hurricane Impact’s general fund.

Is the Hurricane Impact affiliated with Tulsa University?

Hurricane Impact is entirely independent of the University of Tulsa, but we work directly with the university’s compliance department to ensure the our program remains compliant.

Do you take take donations of all sizes? 

Yes, we take donations of all sizes. Every little bit counts and helps tremendously. 

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